2022 Housing Market Predictions

  • Sophie Tel Diaz
  • 01/25/22
In an article from Keeping Matters Current, here are some market predictions for the housing market this year!

The past two years have been full of exciting and record-breaking moments. It’s also seen its fair share of buyer fatigue, hesitancy and confusion.

Here’s what industry experts are saying about what they anticipate for the 2022 housing market, in particular, related to house prices. 


Will Home Prices Go Up or Down?

In the past 12 months, home price appreciation has been the topic of many headlines and not in a good way. Speculation that we’re in another housing bubble has kept many buyers and sellers hesitant that we’re headed for another crash.

So, what does the future hold for home prices?

It’s important to remember that the 2021 market was anything but normal, and that escalating home values were a direct result of record-low inventory.

However, experts project that the inventory situation should improve in the coming year, slowing price appreciation.

But will home prices depreciate in 2022? Over 100 industry experts don’t think so. Instead, they are projecting a more modest appreciation of 5.1% in the next 12 months compared to the nearly 20% rise seen on average in 2021.

I will be sending more information your way regarding the 2022 housing market, so, be on the lookout!

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